People Succession

People Succession: Lessons from Forward Thinking Executives in Middle-Market Companies


by Carol Bergeron


A must read for executives and board members driven to manage workforce risks so that business goals can be achieved. Learn more

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What's Your Take?

Which factor prevents your organization from doing people succession (PS)? Please select your top choice:

About Bergeron Associates™

Bergeron Associates™, founded in 1998, transforms leaders into talent magnets so that they attract, develop, and retain the right mix of people with the right capabilities to successfully tackle organizational challenges. Our passion is to help people and organizations be successful!

Through a mix of consulting, coaching, facilitation, and advisory services delivered on a project or retainer basis, sample talent solutions include:

  • Next Generation of Talent - to build the talent pipeline, develop capabilities and confidence in people, and retain an engaged and productive multi-generational workforce.
  • People Succession - to improve business continuity and reduce the risk of business underperformance due to planned and unplanned job vacancies.
  • Strategic Workforce Planning & Integration - to anticipate, identify and close talent gaps across the organization.
  • Enterprise Performance Management - to align projects, process, people, and resources so that business objectives are achieved.
  • Strategic Human Resources - to align people practices with strategic direction, culture, and core values of the organization.

Bergeron Associates™ talent management solutions:

  • are grounded in the strategic goals of the organization,
  • capitalize on existing strengths, and
  • are built collaboratively to maximize organizational fit and commitment.